Kitten Excited to Say Hi to New Friend

Here is an adorable Exotic Shorthair kitten named Jumbo Pillow. He is named for his size despite being only 6 months old (he’s already as heavy as the other adult cats in the family) and his plushy soft, white body. After Jumbo was isolated for some time and cleared by a vet, the owner’s introduced him to Cooper the cat. Jumbo is surprisingly vocal for an Exotic Shorthair, and can be seen excitedly talking in this encounter. Continue reading “Kitten Excited to Say Hi to New Friend”

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Cute Baby Squirrel

This baby squirrel has the cutest squeaking sounds. The baby squirrel was found in between the walls of a construction home. They waited to see if the mother returns for the baby. Then after an hour with no mom in sight, they called Wildlife Animal Rescue. They have guidelines on how to care for animals in need, rehabilitate and return it to wildlife. Continue reading “Cute Baby Squirrel”