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Talking Chihuahua Gets Upset That His Toy Is Being Washed

Here is 3 year old cute Chihuahua named Ozzie who caught his mom throwing one of his favorite toys (a monkey puppet) in the washer. He continued to sit in front of the washer crying, whining and talking for the entire cycle. Sorry, Ozzie but your toy needs to be washed. ☺ Continue reading “Talking Chihuahua Gets Upset That His Toy Is Being Washed”

Chihuahua Puppy Cries So Sweet

This adorable Chihuahua puppy has the cutest cries. This very smart Chihuahua is crying because she wants her human to take the toy out of the shopping bag for her. But, how does she know there was a toy for her in the shopping bag? Her human had to capture her smartness on video. Continue reading “Chihuahua Puppy Cries So Sweet”