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French Bulldog Puppy Arguing Over Bedtime

Here is an adorable French bulldog puppy named “Bam Bam” who wants to stay up past his bedtime. After a short while arguing with his owner, he crawls into bed and falls asleep. Sometime kids never want to go to bed when they are told, and the same goes for this adorable French bulldog. So cute! Must watch till the end. Continue reading “French Bulldog Puppy Arguing Over Bedtime”

French Bulldog Puppy Jumps into His Dad’s Arms

Here’s an 8 week old French Bulldog puppy named Rocky and he’s the cutest thing you’ll see all day. At first, Rocky lays down on the couch and looks hesitant to jump but Dad tries to encourage him by patting the pillow and calling to him. Suddenly, Rocky springs up and jumps into his arms. Rocky loves and trusts his dad so much that he did it twice! Continue reading “French Bulldog Puppy Jumps into His Dad’s Arms”